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The 5 most common mistakes in seesaw training

Are you ready to take your seesaw training to the next level?

This e-mail series will help you to avoid typical mistakes in seesaw training and give your dog more confidence and skills. Let’s take a look at five important issues that I repeatedly encounter in training and that often lead to problems with the seesaw.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Your dog can get started with the “Basics for Sport Dogs” course from the age of 8 weeks. The course is designed for this age group and the training is adapted to the physical and mental development of your puppy.

All courses are designed so that you can build up the foundations on the flat without equipment. This reduces the strain on your dog and you don’t have to train on equipment as often.

Your dog should be physically fit and already know how to work with you. Agility is not suitable for very large and heavy dog breeds.

Yes and no! An online course is recommended for building up new skills, as you can build up in small steps and work on everything in small units at home without asking too much of your dog. The best way to learn the handling technique is through real training with a trainer.

Ideally, you should train multiple times a week in short sessions of no more than 5 minutes. Of course, it’s not a problem if you give your dog a day off.

You have access to all course content for 1 year.

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