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agility training skills focus cue

The Focus Cue: Foundation for Distance Skills

For successful distance skills in agility, structured training with an emphasis on equipment focus, distance exercises and understanding verbal commands is crucial. Ideally, this training should start from the beginning of the dog’s training. The obstacle focus begins with the focus on a reward and is then transferred to an object and finally to obstacles.

agility sheltie weaves small space skills

3 simple Challenges for small Spaces

Even in small areas you can train your dog effectively and test his understanding of commands. Short, effective challenges and a gradual increase in difficulty are ideal in small spaces. Here you can see three example exercises.

sheltie toy building drive agility

Keeping the Balance: 3 valuable Pillars

In agility training, it is important to maintain a balance between building drive, impulse control and thinking skills. Building drive refers to the reinforcement of the dog’s innate drives to chase and bite, impulse control refers to the dog’s ability to control itself, and thinking skills refer to the dog’s cooperation in figuring out exercises